A weekend in the Mountains

New gate equals new fun...

This weekend we visited the mountains.  We hadn't returned since Christmas.  The weather that greeted us was very well received.  The sunny warm days were mostly spent outdoors. 
Saturday we helped Papaw remove an electric fence.  Then spent the evening with cousins!  How much fun are cousins?  We sure do have a time when we are together.  There's always costume changes, running, jumping, and dancing.  I don't know about Aunt Whitney but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sunday consisted of a stroll around the farm soaking up every drop of sunshine before the upcoming week of clouds and rain. 
We do enjoy our time outdoors and on Papaw's farm. 


Snow still lingering

We had to return books to a newly discovered, unmanned library Monday. Since we didn't have anything better to do we attempted to enjoy the playground also located at the "library". It was mini-lake so we opted for a walk on the trail instead. It was such a lovely day to be outside. A nice break in the weather and even better to be once again outside and carefree.

Later that afternoon the two olders could be found creating their own home, planting a garden and fishing for food. They also had to paint pinecones that Davis gathered earlier in the day.


Mary Poppins

This production was absolutely amazing and for a three hour show I had two very motionless children.  Merritt wasn't terrible just a bit restless towards the end.  They were awestruck much like their mother, I suppose.  Mary Poppins flew on more than one occasion and Bert walked up, around and down the theater, quite impressive for a high school. 
Mary Poppins (Maria) is like a younger version of Julie Andrews herself.  I am sure she will be successful if she pursues a career in acting. We are excited about future productions from this private school.


Paige gets married!

Darrell and I rarely have a night out, just us.  This month we've had TWO nights out. We celebrated Paige and Creighton. It was a beautiful wedding indeed, simple and sweet. 

We laughed and laughed with dear friends over dinner. And later we even danced a little. 

That's right, he doesn't get out much.

Table 8  The Stultz's, Barber's, Duke's and Metcalf's

I can't believe a two things here. One being that I took this photo but secondly I'm posting it for people to see. I guess it goes to show I can loosen up and have a fun. 

Three cheers to Paige and Creighton...

Hip hip hooray . Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray


A Late February Snow

It's always exciting to wake to snow especially six inches. We loved every minute of it. I was surprised how well Merritt could get around it and not get frustrated. She just plowed right through it. Davis and Lawson laughed and giggled as they tried to sled.  Our neighbors eventually saw their failed attempts.  They called to tell me to send them to over to sled in the back of their property.  And that we did! 


UNC v NC State

Not for a moment do I believe Davis will forget this night anytime soon. To be so close to some of her favorite people. These days she knows each player by name, number and even a few stats. She loves college basketball much like her father. When I say college basketball I clearly mean Tar Heel basketball. 
They sure had a wonderful time. Davis said her favorite part was eating the package of M&M's and granola bar I sent her because "you never let me eat M&M's".  

Darrell's favorite part was watching Davis watch the warm ups. She was still in awe of being there and loved seeing the players so close and in person. 
Darrell said she was a little overwhelmed at times during the game. Even at points she had her ears covered. Poor gal!  
Oh the memories!