We enjoyed our Fourth of July weekend with Davis. We didn't do anything special other than catch the fireworks. Davis enjoyed those and was only 'bright' eyed when the finale started!
So what's new with Davis you ask?? Well, she loves tummy time and especially when Maisie is nearby to talk to! They talk baby most mornings after their naps. When Davis is on her tummy she pulls her knees under her and straightens her legs to get on her tippy toes! I included a little video clip I made on Thursday, July 17th! (Happy Birthday Mom!) This isn't her best example but the only one I have with the digital to upload! She laughs out loud at us now and follows me with her eyes when I am doing things...after all she will be 4 months on Tuesday! I can't believe it!

Rockin' my 25 cent shirt!! Papaw and little d
Grandma with little d after a yummy lunch!
Hello mama!
Loving on Millie (the monkey)! Soaking up the Tarheel love!
The Girls Club at Nantucket Village saying "HELLO"!
SMILE!A new family shot!

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