7 months old...

Here are pictures from the last two weekends..the 11th we went to Charleston to celebrate Wiley turning 5! Last weekend we had a community yard sale so all of the girls piled in Greensboro and we made some cash! Davis is now crawling, and pulling herself up! So later today I am going post her doing just that!

Loving the benta attached to the baby!

More benta! She played with this for at least 10 minutes!!

Davis and Eva!


Snoozing in Uncle Wiley's chair in Charleston....zzzzzz

More Eva Leigh and me!

Jack and the Halloween gal!

Auntie Whitney and the gals on Yard Sale Saturday!

Obsessed with string!!
At the Pumpkin Patch
On the Wiley G
At the playground...
More fun on the Wiley G (Popeye's boat)

Little bro and Big Sis

Could that be Uncle Wiley Bear? (He turned 5 on the day we took this pic!)
dancing at 7 months
Brrrrrr, it's cold out here!

HI, I am 7 months and crawling....

My pumpkin....

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