My First Halloween

Tonight we took Davis to our church for the annual Fall Festival. They had the gymnasium full of games and activities for children and on the outside moon walks, pony rides and paintball. Needless to say, there where lots of children, music, games and ohhhh the candy! Davis played her fair share of games including ring toss and skee ball. Here are a few pictures that sum up the evening... Thanks for sharing your cool light Ramsey!
The WHOLE Incredible family was there!
Toss the ball in the basket!
Ring toss....didn't like the worker too much, he was wearing a Duke Basketball shirt!! (can you blame her?)
Hummmm Snickers!
Like every Trick or Treater...checking out the goods for the night!
Happy Halloween!


Janet said...
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Janet said...

Cool. She was so cute. She seemed to like playing those games. Can't believe I made your blog. I would like my identify kept a secret, we(supers) are unground now.. :)