Ten Months Old

Today my little lady is ten months old. Ten months, how long I 'carried' her! Wow, she sure is so much fun. Today was the usual...wake up early, nurse, oh wait a minute, what is that in your mouth? Your second upper front tooth peeking at us? I guess it decided to plop down sometime last night. I cannot believe she has four teeth! I mean you know your child will eventually have these little things, but for so long they have nothing but gums and then one day (well several really) they appear out of nowhere! With her newest additions she also thinks she needs to eat like a big girl too...by feeding herself! Her favorite things right now are carrots, avocado and my homemade breads! Basically if it is on your plate she would like a taste too!
I will say her favorite thing to say is "bye-bye"...anytime we are leaving somewhere (like CVS, WAGS, the market) she tells everyone bye-bye and waves, waves, waves! I love it, I must say it is adorable! Well, my friends I suppose I could go on and on but I will not...as for you Davis I love you so much baby girl! Happy Ten Months!


Janet said...

Happy Ten Months..4 teeth wow.. she is ready for table food for sure.

Anonymous said...

how precious is my grand baby girl! It is hard to beleve she is 10 mmonths old..
I love you Davis

Joanna said...

happy 10 months, sweet girl!