Love, Guns and Fun

How beautiful was today? The sun was shining bright and warm. I thought we were suppose to have clouds and rain!? Thankful that we didn't otherwise we wouldn't have been able to have some fun outside. Mid-morning we joined some friends for some target shooting! Davis wasn't bothered by the firing of rounds, she was too busy eating her goldfish (notice them mid-air below) and exploring nature on the floor of the woods. After we emptied several packages of ammo we headed home for lunch. While Davis was busy taking her afternoon rest Darrell and I worked a bit outside preparing the garden, trimming trees and doing fun nature things. Davis then joined us and loved crawling around watching as we completed some of the days projects.

Hey (Uncle) Wiley(bear)~these were your Carhartt's, can you believe you were this small only five short years ago?! We can't wait to see you!
Davis LOVES her goldfish, I mean, when she sees the bag she starts flipping out! If you put any number of them in front of her she will quickly fit as many as she can in her little hands (baby sized goldfish). I snapped a few today to share with you....

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Molly and Nick said...

She needs to have these pictures submitted to Carhartt immediately. If they don't use these on their website or in a catalog, they are plain crazy.

She is just adorable.