Friday Fhoto Shoot

It has been a while since we did a photo shoot...too long in fact. With all of the crazy weather we had last week from snowing on Monday to smokin' hot on Friday (no complaining here) Davis and I ventured out for a quick couple of pics. She mostly wanted to show off her boots with the fur since this will be the first and only time she will be able to wear them! (Thanks NauNa)

I guess I will consider these her 11 month photos....she walks, she talks and she poses for the camera...

Saturday we spent the day outside tending to the landscaping. We even enjoyed a picnic lunch thanks to free subs from Quiznos! Davis enjoyed her lunch from her view in the be-be pod! Note the Diet Dr. Pepper over her right shoulder...after lunch while we were busy working again she found that and enjoyed a few drops! At least it was diet!


Anonymous said...

Baby Davis I hope you love your be-be pod chair! Gets lots of use out of it!! I love you so muc. You are too precious!

Joanna said...

great pics! She is so cute!!