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We met with Candi on Sunday for Davis' one year photos. I never thought she would have them back sooo quick! (not complaining!) Anyway, here is what she posted, if you would like to view them click HERE and go to Client Viewing and the password is Davis1. Enjoy!


Davis turns one!

little Davis turned one this past week! She brought a boat that her popeye made for her session...it was sooo cool! :) and mom handmade and smocked her little dress..talk about a talented family!

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some pretty spring flowers!

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some bubble fun...

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it was fun guys!! She is adorable!

I hope the rain holds off this weekend so I can make it to my sessions! Be back soon!


Joanna said...

GREAT photos! I looked at all of them. Davis is so precious!! Beautiful family!!

Molly and Nick said...

So cute. Wonderful photos. Morgan, did you really make that dress? If so, you need to start your own baby clothing business... I'll tell you right now, those things will sell for A LOT of money.

lillymac said...

ditto! we love candi too. :) hope davis had a wonderful birthday!