Memorial weekend

Things have certainly been busy around here lately. I hate it has been ten days since my last post, sorry. Part of the problem was finding the time to get the pictures from the camera onto the computer. I guess I was hoping they would some how jump on here themselves!
Last weekend I had the honor of directing a wedding for some dear family friends, actually it was more like renewal of the vows but structured like a wedding to make up for not having one 20 years ago!!! (wow that was wordy!) We enjoyed ourselves Saturday night with the wedding followed by dancing which by the way Davis LOVES.
Saturday we went to Darrell's parents and of course had to see the cows! Wiley was with us and I think he enjoyed himself! I hope you enjoy a glimpse of our Memorial Day weekend!

Uncle Wiley, Davis and I...taking a LONG walk to the back pasture to see the cows! (Luckily we were rescued by Rex the RTV and didn't have to walk all the way back there! Far too far for those little legs!)

The back pasture, on TOP of the hill is where we found the herd! If we had let her go she would have RAN right to the cows!

View from where we were, looking south on their property, and we were not even on the highest point of their land! (See the Hay Barn to your left and Feeding Shed in the center!)
Feeding the cows mineral...Davis still couldn't get enough!
Watching Rex (the RTV) being put back in his garage!
Little d and Granna enjoying the front porch swing!
Uncle Joey trying to steal her wheels!

Everyone loves a little game of Thumb Wrestling!
Uncle Wiley looking handsome, not so sure what Davis is looking at!?
A quick family shot! All smiles! Congrats to Larry and Jamie on their 20 years of marriage. We had a wonderful time!
Rocking the dance floors! Watch out for those Cole girls!!

Nothing like fruit punch with a little vanilla ice cream!! YUM YUM

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Janet said...

cute pic....daniel would love to see those cows upclose