The Great Outdoors

Tent- check
Firewood- check
Food- check
Saturday morning we pulled out of the city and pulled into nature. The was truck loaded with all of our necessary camping gear (air mattress included!) and we headed north. We left the humidity behind and enjoyed a wonderful day and night in fresh clean air. We joined several of our friends for this little adventure. This was Davis' first camping trip. I KNOW she loved it...playing in the dirt, running around with Dakota (7) and Ty (5), baseball, swimming in the lake, cooking her turkey dog via campfire, eating blueberries until she was almost blue, petting Hampton (Mary's dog), enjoying pancakes Mommie cooked this morning!
Who doesn't enjoy a little backside of a Metcalf?Here daddie, I think you will need these...
My FAVORITE picture from this weekend. Mary gave her her very own bag of goldfish...Yes, half of the bag are in her mouth!See the little girl in the woods?
Swimming lake!
fun, fun
waiting on pancakes but enjoying blueberries (we picked Friday)
NEVER allowed at home, standing in the chair. Actually, it wasn't allowed after I snapped this!
Priceless (for me anyway!)All packed up ready to return to the city...perfect climbing area for some!


Janet said...

awesome i never knew you guys camped we should plan one...

Joanna said...

looks like fun. where did you go?