What was that noise?

Darrell and I were preparing dinner, well more Darrell, I was putting away some things from earlier in the day...when I kept hearing something hit the kitchen floor. It was a quiet little "drop" but I knew it was something. Davis had been playing in a kitchen cabinet earlier but I didn't think anything about it. That particular cabinet houses the food processor, blender, waffle iron...things of large sort, if you will. I stopped and walked around the bar into the kitchen and found a sweet little girl becoming even sweeter has she placed her tiny fingers inside that Grape Nerds box and pulled one out ohhh so carefully and placed it in her mouth and enjoyed the sweet satisfaction only a nerd can bring and then she place her tiny fingers inside that Grape Nerds box and pulled out another....she was dead in her tracks eating those little things! The quiet "drop" noise I had heard earlier was simply Nerds falling out the bottom of the box! We let her enjoy a few more then like all good parents threw them away!

Oh I guess you are wondering why Nerds were in the large kitchen electronics cabinet, well that is because I had (notice the past tense, had) a little candy container stashed down there...no more candy down there, sorry!


Janet said...

silly girl. How cute...that she was eating one by one..

lillymac said...

hahahaha! so funny! look at the big pink bow, love that!