Throw it

I think my Monday was much better than my friend Hana's! All we are battling are a few colds!! My funny moment today, well actually there were several but I wanted to share what my not-even-two-year-old said to me this afternoon. I needed to her put her tights back on so we could leave. She was standing at the top of the stairs and I was at the bottom. I asked her, "Davis, please come down here and put your tights on." She responded, "Throw them mommie, please throw them." Hummm, I am not throwing your tights, silly girl. Who taught you that??? The question still remains.

If you would like to view ALL of our photos from Colorado please click here.

Disclaimer: I ended up purchasing a new p&s camera so I was playing with the different setting while were flying back to RDU.

Hope you enjoy!!

Thanks so much Meghan for our new bows! We LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

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