Winter Park Colorado, an Overview

Sunday afternoon we arrived at RDU International Airport. Thanks Delta for kicking us off our Saturday flight (without informing us until our boarding passes threw up a red flag). We then stayed the night in Denver,went up to Detroit finally made a safe landing at RDU!
We had a wonderful time while out west. I think we missed our daddy the most but after we got over that it was only FUN! This is just a glimpse of our trip. I have over 400 pictures and videos so it is only fair to call this an Overview.
Davis after she came down the mountain. Barret had her between his legs and held on to her via the backpack she was wearing. She loved it! Very natural to her to stand up and go. I have a video but it is too large to upload on blogger right now. Maybe in my *spare time* I can edit it down some!

More skiing action!

Barret pulling her down one of the small mountains...
I look goofy because I am SLIDING down the mountain while Barret was trying to take this picture. I think if you over look my silliness you will see what a gorgeous view we had while we were on the mountain!

Do you see me at the very bottom? That was after my first run down the halfpipe! YAY!

Elevation 10,700 feet! TWO MILES HIGH!

Just another day in paradise...

SILLY GIRLS The melting snow was more interesting than looking at me and saying, "cheese"

Out on an adventure...sledding maybe? Can't remember...

Playing on the HUGE sled at the base of the mountain. They also had a playground here were we spent some time.
Davis' turn to pull the sled!

A morning at the tubing hill. Can I say super fun? From top to bottom the run lasted about 30 seconds per trip. How do I know you ask? Well, I have a video of that too and the timer had us clocked at around 30 seconds. (again too large to upload)

A little tube for a little girl....

Bottom of the tube run


Janet said...

wow cool pics and cool views. Davis is a natural it looks like. Might have to do that again. I cant wait to see more..

Janet said...

BTW you did not look groofy and no i could not tell it was you at teh bottom of the hill.