Ohhhh SUN, how we missed you!

With the exception of today, the week has been sunny and warm. I don't know about you but we loved it! We spent much of our time outside. The girls played while I did a little yard work. I mostly picked up River Birch twigs that break off during windy days. I didn't mind since I enjoy yard work and gardening. It was right up my alley really. I did take a peak at the garden or rather dirt where a garden will be. The collard greens are doing great. Too bad I didn't do anything with them! Oops, sorry Reagan.
Quick update about the house. As of right now it is no longer on the market. Our contact expired February 28th. We are on hold as far as our plans go. We are praying asking God to open and close doors. We know He has a plan for us and are waiting on Him and His timing. In the meantime, I suppose I will be planning out my garden for the Summer of 2010!

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