Hilton Head Island, our last day

We all know the feeling of our vacation coming to an end....the dread of packing all our gear (again), the car ride home, unpacking (again) and then reality will begin to set in...As I sit in the room making sure Davis is down for the evening I find myself dreading, but just a little.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family.  The pure joy and excitement of Davis running into the ocean laughing and screaming (she's is SOOO not afraid).  hhi061101_1Watching her back into the pool all by herself (she doesn't accept help).  Ahhhhh, the lack of responsibility you have on vacation is some what nice.  On the other hand, I am excited to get back to our home. 

This week Davis decided she didn't need an afternoon nap and boycotted them all but one.  This evening we went for a bike ride...we stopped for a quick pic of this green, not sure which one....hhi061110
We rode to the Baynard Ruins to look around then cruised on back home...
Thus, a lack of nap means an hour of bike riding will put you to sleep!!!  We are staying off the 18th green so I shot this picture right before we headed in to put our little lady to bed.hhi061110_3 (Mom can you guess who she looks JUST LIKE here??)

Kinda proud of her 'creation'

Alright I am off to wash the last load of laundry before I close this chapter in our vacation book.  We look forward to a fun and safe drive home tomorrow!  See you soon!

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Janet said...

these pictures are amazing...I am glad you had a great time..cant wait until next year when you have two babies