Who knew? Lawson: One Month

Really, who knew?  Who knew, half of the world would ask, "Is that your first?"  AND THEN when you replied,"Yes" it was quickly followed by, "Well, time flies!"  or "don't blink your eyes before you know it they will be grown!"  I am sure there are plenty of others but for time sake I will let you think about those. 
I am here to tell you, first time mommas, that the sad truth is...it really does.  Time f-l-i-e-s.  I mean one minute I was pregnant (with #2) and the next I was kissing my little guy goodnight, yes, one month later.  While I realize in the grand scheme of things (via timeline) one month doesn't even get a flick of a speck but to me...well, it does get a dot....  I truly cannot explain how a month can pass so quickly but sometimes a week takes f-o-r-e-v-e-rrrrrr...you've been there and know just what I am talking about!
Oh well, I am not here to solve any mysteries or even begin to explain it (PLUS time is flying away)  soooo here's to my little guy...one month old, a handsome little fella I must say!!  I love you Lawson!
Lawson, doing his thing, "hanging out" as his sister would say speaking of....
Here's a look back at Davis, one month old wearing premie, yep, not so much for the L-Man he rocks his Newborn size!
(while wrapping up the writing of this post I couldn't decide whether or not to throw in the link of Davis-not wanting to steal anything from him...but I just couldn't help a peek in the past) 


Janet said...

wow is does seem fast that he is a month old. I have been thinking that all the time about Kenny. I can't believe he is almost 8 months old. Time is flying with this one. I guess Daniel and Syd keep me so busy I think I am missing all the cool stuff with Kenny. Cherish it is all we can do.

The Phillips Family said...

So darn cute!