...beach babes

 just returning from a chilly walk on the beach

Morgan, Lawson, Davis, Brittany, Whitney, Holden
 Lawson, NaNau...that's my guy, mouth WIDE open
My babies

We sure enjoyed ourselves at the beach.  It was big girls only, no daddy's around, just the way we like it kind of vacation(I'm only kidding......well kinda) 

A few highlights:
  • Davis puts on floaties and gets right into the pool & is jumping in (no one catching her) by the end of Day 1
  • Lawson is an excellent beach napper (who isn't?) 
  • Cole girls dancing (all out) to Just Dance wii game (4 girls, 4 remotes need I say more???)
  • Davis and the boys also dancing to wii (too cute!)
  • Lawson creating his own sleep schedule 10am, 2pm, 8pm
  • Being able to send daddy instant video's via mobile phones
Now we are counting down to the next trip*....T minus 9 days  WAHOOO 
*daddy is joining us this time around

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