Happy HALF Birthday at the beach

Nothing says Happy six month Birthday like a weekend ocean side.  Yes, sun and the sand were enjoyed by all.  Our little guy is quite the little beach bum having been already three times in the short six months of his life. 
Since I will one day be printing this puppy out, like in a hard back book sorta thing...here are a few things mister man is up to....
Eating/mouthing EVERYTHING his little hands can a get a hold of and get to his mouth before I can snag them away (but no food yet).  *He's already eaten paper three times, and yes, we've seen it the leave three times.  Eats toes too!  Sits up like a pro.  Possible tooth trying to make its way to the surface.  Inch bug worms around.  I mean how did he get half way across the room???  Giggles, laughs and plays.  Loves to pull out Davis' hair by the hand fulls.  Awesome napper!!  (ahem, thanks memory foam)  rolls all over but not off things (hopefully doesn't ;)Drools and spits (hence photo numbero uno) 
Yup.  He's adorable all 17 pounds of sweetness!


Anonymous said...

love the pics! love you!
love mom!!!

The Darling Dukes said...

yeah...he TOTALLY eats toes...hehe
and whoever took those pics...AWESOME job I MUST say!