Pick Your Own: peaches, blueberries and blackberries

It doesn't get much fresher than walking up to a peach tree and picking your own...or to a blueberry tree bush, or blackberry vines, which by the way, I just learned (observed really) that not all blackberry vines have thorns, who knew?! PLUS it teaches Davis that food doesn't come from the grocery store but from God's creations.
 Growing up I would stay with my Memmie and Papaw.  She walked every morning (we're talking an hour or so) and every evening (a shorter one here).  Anyway, I can remember getting to take a container with us on our morning walk and picking berries.  She'd always say, "Now watch out for snakes when you step off the road."  Thankfully, we didn't have any run-ins with the legless one.  However, ticks or chiggers are something we did encounter! 
While we weren't picking in the mountains flatland fruit tastes just as good!  Although I'm sure some may beg to differ. 
 We topped off our morning by enjoying a picnic at a local park.  The water feature was extra entertainment for the children.  Sweet Shelby and Davis peering into the water checking it all out.