A race and mini break

The babies and I left mid week on a impromptu adventure.  We joined NauNa, Auntie B, Auntie Ra Ra and Aunt Whitney in Tennessee.  We were not going to go since the condo there is so small but I thought what the heck, let's surprise everyone and go.  I threw somethings together and we left late one night.  We were to pick Reagan up at the airport but her flight was cancelled.  So we ended up staying the Shields and departed the next morning to finish the hike over the mountains to Tennessee.  (Reagan was picked up by mom at the airport, we didn't leave her stranded.)
As always when we are together we have a great time. 
We enjoyed the fresh cool air of the mountains for Holden's Birthday on Sunday. 
 not so sure what NauNa is doing but D and L sure are smiley!

Post race
We jumped in a 5k on Monday.  While you cannot see Lawson he's in there, I promise, see his little foot?  Needless to say, pushing about 80 pounds in the mountains sure will give you a workout....especially when you haven't ran in a while!!!! (like a handful of time since Lawson was born)  Oh well, it was fun and for a great cause!

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