Sisters in DC

When the four of us get together you might want to watch out.  We tend to be extra loud, silly and even argue.  That's what we are suppose to do, right?  Either way, we have an absolute wonderful time making memories.

One I won't forget any time soon...
We were loading up the vehicles to do some non-touristy things like go to ikea, Reagan's apartment, etc.  I had just buckled Lawson and was grabbing my key out of the floor in front of his seat (key=a black solid piece of plastic about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide).  The key slipped out of my hand and right into the storm sewer. (insert long sigh here)  Yes, right down the drain basically.  This wasn't ideal when you have 5 children and 4 adults ready to hit the town for the day.  Thankfully, the public works department in Arlington were speedy.  From the time I spoke to the 'right' person it was only 10 minutes for someone to come our rescue.  We needed a pry bar to pop the manhole cover.  Mister city worker did just that and recovered my not so lost key in no time.  I think he was relieved when he saw it was a shallow, dry and pretty much clean drain...I was too.
loves riding the metro

run it out
our 'serious' face

Nikolai and Davis
 Because blogger is driving me crazy and not uploading correctly that's all for now folks.  Hopefully it is just tired and will be better tomorrow for a few more photos. 

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