Belle and the Frat Boy

 This year was no different for us.  We attended the annual Fall Festival at our church.  They have a great alternative to spend your Halloween evening.  There are games, pony rides and bounce houses for all to enjoy.  This year I decided to upcycle her Snow White costume from last year.  Thanks to the idea from an awesome friend!  So Snow White's dressed turned into Belle's.  Easy peasy, right?!

Then there is Lawman....He was our Frat Boy and a pretty handsome one too if I say so myself!  His favorite thing all night was the PONY RIDE.  I was shocked.  He kept telling us he wanted to ride but I knew when Darrell actually got him near the pony he would back out.  Nope.  In fact, quite the opposite he didn't want to get off! 
This face isn't scared, I promise.  Just one that looked at a flash!

Finally our pumpkins.  Davis drew the design of her pumpkin.  Darrell and the children took turns getting it just right.  I made the decision for the handprints on Lawson's.  One hand of Davis' and one of Lawson's.  Maybe we will do all three hands next year.  ;)

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Janet said...

love how belles dress turned out... love love love the pic near the bottom of them together.. just beautiful and of course Davis's poses for the camera.. over the should look.. too cute.