On Mother's Day our church had Baby Dedication. Davis along with three others were honored on this day. We, as parents, dedicated ourselves to raise Davis in a Godly home. Sorry these pictures are not the best but I guess the lighting wasn't ideal for photographs.

"No, my feet aren't this big! Bad angle Mommie!"
Aunt Denise & Davis (thanks again for my beautiful dress)
Cousin Stephanie and Davis
Looking cute
Uncle Wiley & Davis

The above photo was taken on Monday May 12th...Dad's BIG 50!! Dad and Wiley stayed with us Sunday night and left Monday to return to Charleston. Well, Dad (my dad not D) went to renew his drivers license that morning. Davis, Wiley and I stayed home to play outside. Davis was on the couch getting a little fussy while I was making lunch for everyone. Her fussing wasn't bothering me but apparently it was someone else. I went back in the living room since it was pretty quiet. I found Davis swinging happily in her swing! Wiley said that she was crying so he put her in her swing! I thought it was pretty funny and Wiley thought he was a big help!

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