Two Months!?

I must say time flies when you are having fun! Two months have passed since Davis arrived, I cannot hardly believe it. Before I know it we will be sending her off to college! Not fair! She is growing so quickly. She smiles all the time and loves checking out where she is. Miss Alert for sure. Tomorrow we venture to the doctor for her first round of shots. As most parents, we too dread to watch her get poked by a nasty needle and more than once!! I am sure I will cry as much as she will. I told her tonight about what lies ahead tomorrow. I think she is getting prepared as I type! (As she sleeps soundly) That's fine because after we return from the doctors office we will begin packing for our first family vacation. Yipee! We have a very, very busy weekend ahead so we will need several days to prepare for the big trip.
I will let you know what her stats are tomorrow.
And finally, welcome Landon Kale! He is one of Davis' new buddies that arrived on Cinco de Mayo...

Loving tummy time!
Hey there, I am two months!
Beautiful, yes, beautiful it's true! Yes, I love you!

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