Everything went well at our doctor visit today. Davis is tipping the scale at 10 pounds and 13 ounces...probably a little less if you take off the cloth diaper with a tiny bit of t-t. (This office weighs with diaper assuming it weighs one ouncs, I think?!) Anyway, she is growing perfectly the doctor said. She (doctor) actually kept saying, "She's so advanced, she's so advanced." Davis was awake and fully alert for the entire visit. Right before the nurse stuck her, Davis locked her eyes with mine then after all the pricks (3) were complete and she re-opened her eyes she looked right at me. At this point I quickly snatched her up and loved on her! Before we left our patient room she was sleeping soundly...as she is doing now, see for yourself!
Sleeping after my three shots~Not the coolest Band-Aid, but oh well!

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