Vacation is over?!

We visited the South Carolina coast for our first family vacation. We were able to see each set of grandparents along the way, so that made for lots of fun. First, we visited with mom then headed further south to visit with dad and finally ended in HHI with D's parents. Davis didn't mind the car ride too much. Although coming home the last hour I think she had had enough in baby jail (aka carseat). Please enjoy a few of our memories!

Is that a puffer fish?? at the aquarium...
First time at the ocean and she didn't even know it!
Too cute in my swimsuit!
Alright, I like this!

Hanging out on the 'Wiley G' (Popeye's boat)
Leaving the 'Wiley G'
Mom, I love the pool~

A little storm over Habor Town

'Papaw' & Davis

I don't want to leave the pool!

When the sun goes down...

I'll be snoozin'....

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