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I am glad we are no longer seeing the 98s and 99s here. The weather has been so incredibly hot. I think our garden was starting to suffer a little. We have been faithfully watering it with our rain barrel water. However, yesterday we were down to the last gallon or so of water. I have been praying for rain for a few days now. I walked to the grocery store early yesterday morning, umbrella in hand, just in case. They say if you pray for rain carry your umbrella, right?! Anyway, late afternoon Davis and I headed to the Farmers Market to get peaches and cherries. I thought about grabbing the umbrella but said if it rains, we'll just get wet! The market is about 4 miles from the house (2 miles the way the crow flies). Off in the distance you could hear a rumble of thunder...I check out where the dark clouds are and sure enough they are in the general area of our house! Long story short, it was POURING when I got home! I jumped out of the truck grabbed a trash can to catch even more rain and did a little thank you dance. I was soaked but I didn't care. So now the garden is watered and the rain barrel is full! Anyway, here are a few new pics for you to enjoy! Hugs, D, M & d Daddy playing in a Rock Band on Memorial Day, Davis had a blast!
Loving her Bumbo chair!
Another day at the ballpark with friends, Leah and Ruthie & Krissy and Landon!
Go Hoppers!!
Davis (11 weeks) and Landon (5 weeks) We had fun playing together!!

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