Ocean Isle for Labor Day

We were invited for a quick get-away to Ocean Isle for Labor Day Weekend. Three families and one couple shared a house on the island...needless to say we had lots of fun. The weather and company were perfect! Even though Davis has been to three different beaches already I think this ranks at the top of her list. Now that she can sit up she has a whole new perspective of the world. She wanted to eat the sand mostly and loved the waves in the water.

Waiting on mama and daddy to go to the beach! My much too big shades!
Chillin' in my beach bound bug!
Hummm, what is this stuff?
What are you waiting for? Let's get in!
Hummm, more sand!
Here I am...
Here is what I left...
5 months at Ocean Isle, early in the morning!
I am going to be a beach bum...where is Mary Grace?
Mama and me!So tired from a great weekend!

I love the sand under my toes!
We are going to Charleston in October so maybe she will get to experience even more of the beach then too...weather permitting! Hey Iauco's let us know if you will be there! Speaking of Iauco's, we too want to congratulate Shalane Flanagan WOOWHOOO! (Bronze metal in the Women't 10,000 meters in Beijing, China)

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Molly&Nick said...

Definitely let us know what days y'all are going to be down in Charleston. We are moving in October, but hope to get down there to see the family and hit the beach. We really have to get Davis and Mary Grace together to hang out, they would love it.

P.S. Darrell, you betting be using that jogging stroller!!! The way I see it, every mile pushing that thing is equivalent to two miles without it. 100 mpw here I come, just like college!