River Hills Plantation "Race"

Go Team Davis! Our development sponsored a little race today. They gave away door prizes and metals, served food and beverages. Overall it was a great time and we enjoyed ourselves...then someone raced home to get ready to go to the UNC game vs Va Tech.
Our family took the silver in our age group (21-40). Apparently an unknown person ran faster than us in a previous heat, but that's alright!
Davis loves her first metal. We figured she really beat the both of us since she technically crossed the line before we did!
This is nice and cold!
Can't wait until my next race!

Davis is pushing her herself backwards now and can end up way over there. I wonder why children seem to go backwards instead of forwards first!? Anyway, I am working on getting that on a quick clip to post here for your enjoyment. With Darrell gone to the game
we'll have to see what the night brings. We have a cook out to go to sooooo let's get ready for that! Until then, love and kisses, D,M,d

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