6 months old

I am 6 months today (09.22) so here are a few pics from my photo session...

Six month update: Davis weighs 15.5 pounds, 24.75 inches long, sits up unassisted, scoots everywhere (forward and backwards), pulls knees under her in crawling position (rocks occasionally), eats fresh bananas and sweet potatoes, sleeps in her crib in her bedroom, loves to find deals with her mama oh and recently discovered first tooth (09.30)!!
Daddy's little monkey!
Mama lets me get messy with the bananas!
Last weekend we enjoyed a quick trip to the mountains. We went to the 30th wedding anniversary of my Aunt Susie and Uncle Kirk. It was great to see everyone and introduce you to Davis! Sunday afternoon we joined more family for the 49th Elijah (something) Rice Reunion. There Davis was the youngest family member while Aunt Cora was the oldest at 101! What an amazing spread of years! Thinking back why in the world didn't I get a picture with Aunt Cora???
All of this for 56 cents (at CVS)Loves her new bag!
At the Natural Science Center with the Girls Club
The whole gang!

Hanging out at a recent visit to the Natural Science Center....Animal Discovery!

Playing that afternoon...my arm gets stuck though!

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