Sunday Stroll

I cannot believe Davis will be six months old tomorrow. Time passes so quickly and you'll never get it back. I am very blessed to get to spend everyday with my little baby girl. Every time she does something new I get to see and record a new memory. Being a mother has certainly opened my eyes to many new things that life has to offer. It shows you how much your own mommy loves you too! Darrell and I could not be any happier with our little Davis!
Justa swingin'
Love the swing!
How does this look?
Oh, hey daddy!

There were two other little girls swinging next to Davis. Sorry this is grainy!

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Molly&Nick said...

She is so pretty.

Molly, Mary Grace and I are moving back to Winston-Salem tomorrow. We haven't found a house yet, still looking, but we will call y'all to get together as soon as we get down there and settled. Mary Grace will love having a buddy on the swings.

Excited to be coming home.