Well, much to our surprise we had a special greeting this morning from the snow fairy! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this....

WHAT? It is only November. No Snow, go away!
Life has been super busy lately from Holiday for Her (pictured above) last weekend to 'Thanksgiving' this weekend. I can't wait for the real day of Thanksgiving when we will be doing nothing! Can't wait! Just do things here and there around the house...well decorate for Christmas!
Still exclusively breastfed, but what is more fun than to chew on an apple slice?
Clap clap clap your hand, clap your hands together!
Naked time! Walking down the hall!
Love to swing!
What? A bath? Only with the Girls Club!
Auntie Ra Ra loves me sooo much!
Standing by myself!


Janet said...

beautiful little girl...

Hana said...

Davis is growing so fast! She is beautiful! Ella turned 7 mos last week! Aaagghh! Where has the time gone?!

lillymac said...

Goooooo Davis! Can't believe she's standing. Love the naked shot... priceless.