We (D,M&d) celebrate Thanksgiving the Saturday before so both of our families can join us. This way we do not have to travel to Weaverville and try to see twenty million people and make twenty million people happy! This year my dad's extended side of the family joined us too! It was a wonderful time and we felt so special they would travel here for the day. Dad still wasn't able to join us but we will see him soon enough!
It is hard to believe that this time last year we were trying so desperately to hear "the baby's" heartbeat and this year she was well, napping while we ate lunch! I didn't get any pictures Saturday (so Boo to me), hopefully Nani will send me some! A long but lovely day...

a quick shot before bed...ONE YEAR LATER


Janet said...

what great memories

lillymac said...

so neat... what a difference a year makes, right? Happy Thanksgiving!