I have been tagged...

...by my new friend Hana (well, not so new, just getting to know her better)!
Here are the rules:
~Go to your 4th photo folder on your computer
~Select the 4th photo w/in the folder
~Post and explain
Then tag four more people to do the same!
Here we are!

Darrell feeding Davis for the first time! I took care of the two year olds during VBS this year so I had to make sure Davis would take a bottle. She was 3 months old in the photo...she did take the bottle then but refuses to now...

I tag...the Iauco's, Reagan, FrugalFrenzy and The Girls Club!!

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Molly and Nick said...

I don't know if i know four other people with active baby blogs, but I will certainly post the picture when i get the chance.

Hope y'all are well! WE NEED to get together...