Merry-Happy...and all of that!

Things are still so busy here that I have not even had time to upload our pictures off the the digital camera until now! Here is a glimpse of our Holidays...
First, I will say Davis enjoyed her first Christmas but is really looking forward to this Christmas mostly not to be sick, you'll read below. She received lots of fun toys and cute outfits so she was ready to start her new year with all of her new gear.
Helping mommie wrap and pack the packages (and tried to sample the Maple Syrup for NauNau)

Introducing Rosebud Picnic (above)! (Cara will the girls have a tea party one day with their dolls?
Marilyn Monroe at 9 months?!?!

A Merry Christmas!!!
Auntie B and Davis...getting ready to go to Charleston

So Friday after Christmas we headed to Charleston to spend the weekend with dad and Uncle Wiley (and to go to James Island and see the Festival of Lights). Davis had been feeling rotten all week but we thought she was hopefully getting better...oops, not so much. To make a long story short, she had a fever of 104 so my awesome Aunt Suzy (she's a nurse at a peds office) got us an appointment with her doctor and we learned that Davis had a double ear infection and some sort of virus!!! So she got a shot and a script THEN we headed south....I will say this is the first time Davis has ever really been sick sooo praise the Lord on that one!
Uncle Wiley and Davis in downtown Charleston
At the Festival of Lights
Our First Carosel ride at the Festival of Lights (we had soo much fun!)

Auntie Ra Ra, us and Popeye at Folly Beach ...NO we're at Isle of Palms!!
Family Pic at Isle of Palms on Sunday...
Well friends that pretty much sums it up! Not really but I am tired of uploading and this is a pretty good idea without tons and tons of pictures! Now we will begin our journey in the new year and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for us...


Janet said...

looks like you had fun..when we went ti Charleston a day after you came back it was cold...like high of 55.. so you took all the warm days..

Joanna said...

great pics...it seems like forever since i've seen davis. she's so big!

lillymac said...

the pic with d and the syrup is awesome! hope she loves her doll. a girl/doll tea party is a must for the future... maybe we need to add a few more girls to the mix though (mac's out i think)! :)

Molly and Nick said...

I am so mad that we didn't see y'all, we were down in Charleston at the same time!!!

D - I will call you and we really need to get together. We close on our house this week so once we get settled and all we will have y'all over and let the girls play together while we all hang out.

Hope y'all are having a good New Year thus far!