This weekend we had visitors!
(Maybe this photo was taken outside the new Pablano's off Battleground, what use to be Wholly Guacamole)
Darrell's parents spent the weekend with us...we didn't exactly get to see them for most of Saturday. Darrell had already made plans for us to spend half of the day in Durham with Ryan and Katie! What fun we had with them and such a yummy lunch at the Mellow Mushroom in the Tobacco District of Durham. BUT what we did get to see of them (grandparents) we enjoyed! It takes Davis a while to "warm up" to them but once she does she is all fun and games!!

In other news, I think I will stop lurking in the black background of the blogging world and start commenting on your pages...you know who I am talking to! Anyway, Happy Sunday. I hope you each have a wonderful week! Love to you all! D, M & d

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Hana said...

oh wow...a new post..it's been a while! LOL! Glad you had a nice holiday but sorry that Davis was sick. I think we're gonna try that chicken curry this week! yummo!