OIB: day one and two

Vacation Beach Week started yesterday for our family. We left the Chick-fil-a parking lot promptly at 8.15 (yes, free breakfast meals for mommie, daddie and free minis for the baby) and arrived at 11.11 OIB time. We spent the whole day on the beach, no nap, no worries, right, it's vacation? I decided I better blog a little each day because I know NauNa, Granna and GiGi are expecting updates! So, I will do my best to accommodate that!

Traveling to OIB, obviously!
Where is Wade?
Our crew, or most of us, Sunday morning. Yes, k, t and I had already hit CVS! Nothing at Walgreens worth getting...
LOVES her crocs, slightly obsessed with them even!
Knocking down all of Alex's castles! oops and he worked so hard on them! Sorry dude.

Returning from a little water play. Saturday she didn't enjoy the water at all, ocean water that is. Today is a new day and even this afternoon when we went she LOVES it. She runs in it and even gets a little too deep for when those 'big' waves come crashing in. Luckily she hasn't had any spills yet. Although I will say I was carrying her out yesterday and I turned to miss a wave breaking on us....but I turned her face right into the wave! Feeling terrible I quickly exited the water meanwhile Davis was trying to figure out why in the world her eyes and nose were burning!

Practicing on her boogie board...

More practice, because practice makes perfect!

Sand City Sunday!

Loving life!


Janet said...

looks like so much fun. I wished we could have gone to the beach this year.

Joanna said...

looks like you guys are having a great time! love the pics of davis on the boogie board.