Beach Fun: day 3 and 4

What a wonderful past two days! We had a rather exciting day on the beach...first a man caught a sting ray after 40 minutes (or so) "fighting", in a tidal pool a flounder was spotted along with sea snake and then there were birds! We feed the birds and they came!!!!! They surrounded Davis, and I snapped as quickly as I could....

cheering for our team during Cornhole
Junior dug a hole for the girls to play in...eventually Davis' boogie board was the diving board into the 'pool' (no picture sorry) Sand City Tuesday
The man's catch this morning
Who doesn't enjoy a snack on the beach?
Sand City Monday
Adding flags to the castle tops!
Pile in the truck for a ride to the pool

Still loving life...

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Janet said...

glad you guys are having great beach weather. A sting ray up close how cool is that...