Winter What? Oh Winter Park

Our bags are packed we're ready to go!

We had the Pilot loaded and were Raleigh bound before 7 yesterday morning. Our flight left Raleigh right before 11am. We were a sight to see going through security stripping off necessary items, searching our bags, making sure a little one didn't get lost in the mix. We only had one little hiccup...playdoh, is it allowed or not? Well, the RDU officials checking our bags didn't know either. A few minutes later it was ruled banned, so no playdoh! Other than that it was a smooth ride!
All loaded up!
In route to Denver, a two hour and fifty minute flight. A few arguments between the little girls, but "airplane gifts", stickers, books, baby dolls, and dry erase boards do the trick! Lunch aboard Flight #53201...

Oh no, where are the GIRLS??? Barret has gone to pick up the mini, we have our luggage...

OHHH there they are, silly girls!

After a long day of traveling we arrived in Winter Park, CO around 7 pm MST last night...9pm EST. Denver didn't have any snow. When we first started up the mountains we saw a large herd of deer running across (the mountain) that was pretty exciting for the girls (and me!). I guess half way up here it started snowing like crazy (6 inches last night) BUT we never had to use our wind shield wipers. It was so odd once we realized that.

We already had a little adventure today. I took the girls to a Sled Dog Race at Grand Park. Not too far from our mountain lodge. It was a small race but big fun for us. They had a large bon fire and supplied marshmellows for roasting and cookies. Once inside we enjoyed a warm cup of hot cocoa.

This rather LARGE Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever provided extra entertainment.
Currently 15° F
Feels Like: -2° F
Wind: From WNW at 21mph gusting to 32mph

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Joanna said...

how exciting!! hope you're having fun!