Wordless Wednesday, I think not

This is our little doll baby from a recent trip to the farm. I think the gloves complete the outfit! I forgot to pack hers, oops! I told Darrell this is when the city girl meets the farm! That particular morning 'Papaw' sold a bull to a gentleman and his 'papaw'. She loved seeing the cows and hated to see them go! When we left she told them, "Bye cows, see you later!" So until we return, "moo cows moo"! (pic taken with cellular cell phone!)

Yes, I would love to share more new pictures with you however I have a problem. The problem is I have misplaced my USB cord which is obviously pretty crucial from getting pictures from your camera to your computer. *sigh*
I will say I am busy making a list for our Ski Trip to Colorado. We will be spending a week in Winter Park. Whoot whoot!

Now I must return to household duties such as cleaning floors, folding and putting away laundry and starting dinner! Oh how I love it!! (not kidding either)

Happy Wednesday!


Janet said...

i was blown away this morning when it said you updated yoru blog. just love the pic..we want more more more

Frugal Frenzy said...

I know! Don't worry, I will update lots from CO!