Happy 2nd Birthday Davis

My little baby girl is now officially TWO! How time passes by so quickly! She is full of energy so needless to say there is certainly not a dull moment with her. She enjoys strolling her baby {currently named "Too"} around the house and tea parties. When I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight she couldn't decide between pizza and hamburgers. We made homemade oreo ice cream and already enjoyed a little taste! I am looking forward to our next year and am anxious to see what it brings us. Thank you Lord for my beautiful child!
A little too much sun in her eyes...oops
I just had to post this hands-on-the-hip one!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, precious Davis. I love you beyond measure.

Hana said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!! Hope you had a fun day!!

Joanna said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Davis! Stinkin' cute!!

Morgan said...

Thanksfor my birthday wishes!