OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This afternoon I gathered all of my necessary supplies to fill "an order" (two actually) and make a gift. I set up shop on my kitchen counter (remember the house is on the market so everything is neatly packed away in my master bedroom closet!). Back to my story. Everything was nicely arranged ready to go. I grab a piece of fabric to do a test run...like I always do before I embroider something. Wouldn't you know my machine was making the worst noise in the world. I mean I couldn't ignore it either. It was gut wrenching to hear my precious piece of machinery shrieking like that! Not to mention all I could see were dollar signs everywhere wondering how much this repair will cost!

I have already placed the call to the repairman and will be dropping my machine off this afternoon. I am hoping it is an easy-n-quick fix , inexpensive too! I will say I took some of it apart to tinker with myself...can't help it, I like to do things like that too. While I didn't discover the cause of the noise I did notice my feed dogs are not up like they should be. Fingers crossed that this has something to do with everything. **SIGH**

Oh this is remarkably strange because I just made Davis' Easter dress and NO noise.....again **sigh**

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The Phillips Family said...

I hope it's nothing serious!