The Garden (here) is planted...

Saturday morning my DH and DD planted our garden.  I was looking at older posts and tomorrow marks one year that I posted this and 2008 our garden and little girl.  Man oh man how time goes by so quickly.  Darrell said Davis had ALL of her gardening supplies with her!  He reported that she actually placed each plant in their hole and watered them.  In fact, they played in the water and were so dirty (muddy) that a shower was required after this fun little event.  I hated I missed this event however I was attending a much needed hair party with the girls!!
lazy 5
Last week we headed south for Lazy 5 Ranch. Once we arrived it was raining buckets of water and I wasn't quite sure the day would be as much fun as it has been in the past.  However, the rain did stop and we enjoyed a wonderful day among friends and Auntie Ra Ra and Baby Evan.  Right now there are just too many pictures to sort through so I am being lazy and posting the two.  I want to make a family excursion out of this one day.  Davis and I have been many times, I think Daddy needs to tag along for some fun!! 
I included this just because...because this can serve as our public announcement that we no longer have our home on the market.  We have decided to stay here a bit longer.  I snapped this back in March on Davis' birthday weekend.  The weekend we drove the farm trying to decide where we would build our home...the good thing is that we didn't find the perfect spot, yet....

Also, my machine is fixed and has been since the NEXT DAY.  Talk about good service...the BEST part, it was free.  Nothing was actually even wrong with it that the repairman/salesman could find.  I was due for my one year "check up" that is how I managed a "free" bill! 

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