Holden Gilbert Ramsey

I forgot to mention this in JULY...my baby sister (Whitney) and her husband (Kyle) welcomed their first child on July 7th.  Welcome Baby Holden! 
Davis LOVES her new cousin.  The photo above was taken July 9th and I must say she held him for nearly 30 minutes.  I basically had to MAKE HER give him to me to hold...so here's to you Holden! 

Random:  I am totally blaming the lack of posting due to the lack of internet over the past six weeks.  I think after today we have it figured out with our provider.  After all, today we have 5 months free internet AND an awesome rate for one year...it's the least I could have walked away with...

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, isn't this such a precious picture? Thanks for posting it, I am sure Holden will love it when he gets older. Love you!