I went on adventure...

fishing with daddy...with my daddy.  This morning Daddy dug worms (from our garden), put corn in a container, grabbed chairs, fishing gear and fishing pole then we were on our way...our last fishing adventure was a LONG time ago, so long I don't remember, but I've seen the pictures here.  By the way, we didn't bring any home.  Maybe next time.

fishing with daddy2
My first catch! 
fishing with daddy3
Cannot wait to go again!!

Darrell said they had a great time this morning.  She LOVED it.  Apparently turtles came to surface which was extra exciting.  She touched the fish without hesitation.  That's really all the report I was given..I am pretty sure this will be there special time on Saturday mornings.  I'm just happy that Darrell actually took pictures!!  YAY Daddy!!! 

On a baby update...we had our ultrasound yesterday.  Everything looks good.  We will have another one in September because our study is 'incomplete.'  The baby wouldn't corporate with the sonographer.  She wasn't able to see the lower spine.  I am excited to have another one because this baby sure was stubborn and we weren't even able to get a good profile shot.  We walked away with only four pictures.  :(


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! That is precious time for the two of them to bond even more. Glad the ultrasound went pretty well. I was getting ready to email you. Take some pictures of you too, we need to see you grow! Love you all!! Denise

Janet said...

wow cute pictures. Love it. I always wanted to go fishing, but daddy never took the girls, only my brothers...sweet memories

The Phillips Family said...

Love her outfit! What a sweet father/daughter moment :). Keep us posted on your next ultrasound!

Meghan Corcoran said...

Loved the necklaces, feathers and bows needed for fishing!