BBQ in the Park

Tonight we enjoyed fun at our neighborhood park. Who can say 'no' to bbq, chips/pretzels, drinks, Go Fishing, Honey Bun Cake Walks and a great time? Not us. We had a wonderful time and left with a bag full of goodies. Davis also ate her first 'mini' pack of Skittles...she did share some with us so I guess technically she didn't eat the whole bag (thankfully!!).

 YumYum BBQ sandwich!!

Honey Bun Cake Walk!!! (so sad we didn't win...but we sure liked walking in circles!!)

Tomorrow night we will be attending the Fall Festival at church and I think we are all looking forward to that too! What a busy weekend!!


Janet said...

cute.. looks like fun

Niki said...

So cute - and look at your beautiful belly!! Looks like you all had a great weekend :)
Love you guys!