Dressing Up

beauty queen

Friday Davis and I attended the "Fall Harvest" at Lucy and Maisie's school.  Davis had the privilege of decorating a cookie and then making it disappear!!  She enjoyed the activities she participated in at their school. 
Friday also marked a new beginning for our family.  I am a full time stay at home mom!!!  WAHOO!!  We are looking forward to just spending our days here, at home. 

The THREE princesses

While in the years past we have visited the Pumpkin Patch...this year the weather didn't corporate and we were rained out.  Here is a look back at our previous Pumpkin Patch experiences....(Click on the blue)
Halloween 2009:  The Girls Club
Halloween 2008:  The Girls Club

If you would like a look back over the years....go HERE    I can't believe how much they have changed and right before my eyes!! 

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Janet said...

yea! to new beginnings..Davis looks so cute...