Thanksgiving Feast with Family

We had the pleasure of hosting our 4th annual Thanksgiving Celebration this Saturday.  We invite our family to our home for a day of fellowship and good excellent food!  This year was no different.  Food mixed with family always makes for a great time.  Plus, the weather couldn't have been more beautiful.  The children played outside all afternoon.  I think they had the most fun playing in the huge pile of leaves in our garden area.  (Let me mention here that crushed leaves stick very well to children's clothing.  Which then 'stomp off' in your kitchen floor when they are showing you 'new moves' whether that be dance or ninja moves.)  We enjoyed a non-traditional lunch and YUMMY desserts.  Davis helped me make a special birthday cake (carrot cake) for her great (both noun and adjective) Aunt Denise.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Thanks for coming and sharing your day with us...safe travels back home!
met nov 2010
Granna, Davis, Papaw
met nov 2010-3
Gigi, Davis
met nov 2010-2
(Great) Granny Nell (Papaw's mother), Papaw and Davis
                                                  Prepping for Smores
                                                'It's all about twisting the paper'
                                              Popeye assisting in the Smore making
Silly uncle Wiley!!!


Janet said...

was your mama and sisters there.. no pics of them so I was wondering.. you said 21 people.. only about half are pictured...I guess having to much fun to take pics. I just love seeing your sisters and mama...your all so beautiful I like comparing Davis to them...

Morgan said...

Mom and Reagan (and Seth) were here. Brittany and her bf went to Charleston to celebrate his bday and Whit and Kyle/Holden didn't come...
Yes, I totally forgot to get any pics of mom with Davis or even D,d and myself :(
You're so sweet!!