Weenie Roast: the firepit

YAY!! to Christmas gifts that nearly 11 months later their debut!!  Last year Darrell and I received a fire pit for Christmas however with the possible relocation we never bothered to bring last year's Christmas gifts here...  About two weeks it finally left the mountains and made it to the flatland.  With the help of 4 kiddos, I (well NauNa too) assembled our little piece of Autumn/Winter fun. 
Last night we missed our Sunday School's annual Hayride/Bonfire (too much for one day).  Well, apparently at the Hayride someone brought hot dogs and chili AND someone at church mentioned this to Darrell this morning SO he thought he HAD TO HAVE hot dogs and chili for dinner tonight. No worries, I made it an official night by declaring it Weenie Roast night!!!  So once again we D and d fired up the fire pit while I prepped and brought out dinner AND dessert (S'mores of course!!)  We enjoyed a nice relaxing dinner outside...


Happy Weenie Roast!


Janet said...

sorry I opened my big mouth.... looks like you had fun.

Morgan said...

You know I am kidding with you! I thought it was soo funny!!

Janet said...

totally know your kidding.. he seemed very disappointed when i told him. I had no idea hotdogs, slaw and chili meant so much to him..