Welcome Baby...

We are excited to welcome the newest member of our family, Lawson Grant.  He arrived Friday morning at 9:24 tipping the scales at 8 lb and 3oz and measuring 20 inches long.  He sure has a fun birth story but that's for another day.   

Do you think this is a proud papa??
Davis' first time holding him 'all by herself'.

lawsonThis was something I didn't do with Davis.  I carried my little guy to the nursery and watched while he was 'checked out' and bathed.  That was great to be able to hang out with him in the nursery and not have to watch from the other side of the dirty glass!!
Holden (6 months to the DAY) and Lawson (about 3 hours old).  Wow special to be exactly 6 months apart...
The boys after a long day of work!!
Davis giving Lawson his present...a LION rattle.  She had a monkey rattle from birth so we decided how special for her to select something for her new sibling.  Before we even arrived at the store to look at the selection she was determined she would be getting the baby a lion.  Well, there was only one lion left and now Lawson is the proud owner!!
fam of four
A quick family of four photo before we head home....to once again cheer on the Tarheels!!!  (After Davis arrived we checked out ASAP to catch the first game during March Madness)

COMIC RELIEF that took place on Friday, January 7, 2011:

**While laboring at home Darrell gets Davis' breakfast going and I continue to 'hang out' upstairs.  Darrell tells Davis, "I'll be right back I need to check on mommie."  Davis:  "Why is she throwing up or something?"

**I walked into the hospital and say to the receptionist.  "I'd like to check-in"  She replies, "What are you here for?"  to which I say, "I'm having a baby."  She picks up her phone, "we've got another one, I need a wheelchair."  (Which I refused at the time and said I will just walk to my room...)

**  Me:  to the wheelchair lady:  "I'll take that wheelchair now...."  She wheeled me 20 steps away to a triage room (where I was to deliver) and then finds out "we have a room+" 

**  Eleven minutes after walking into the hospital I am holding a sweet baby boy and a nurse says, "Well, I guess this is a little backwards but let's go ahead and admit you...on scale of 1 to 10 what is your pain level?"  "None"

+went to triage room not because the hospital was overflowing with woman having children, but because I was so far along in labor (there were only 8 other moms on my wing that day, if that tells you how slow it was there...)


Lifesong... said...

11 minutes???!!! Holy Guacamole woman! Great birth story for sure. So excited for you all with the birth of Lawson. Love the name btw.

Janet said...

Love the post, love the pics especially the one of the"boys" sleeping.. Love the angle...so happy for you guys...

Molly and Nick said...

That is so awesome. He is a little rock star. Congrats to everyone, we cannot wait to meet him! Davis is so grown up; she is so cute. We are so happy for y'all, let's get together soon.

We have #2 on the way but it is still early (only 11 weeks).

P.S. - Please tell D that my UNC XC shirts are just as ragged as his...

diane said...

wonderful post....pics.....words...
glad I arrived when I did. I love you guys sooo much and miss you too. love mom!

diane said...

wonderful post....pics.....words...
glad I arrived when I did. I love you guys sooo much and miss you too. love mom!